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Young America Ministries Leadership

A faithful board of directors prayerfully oversees Young America Ministries.


Our board is responsible for ensuring that the ministry fulfills its core mission. This is done by regularly meeting while actively overseeing the critical operational functions  – ministry budget oversight, leader performance evaluation, strategic performance management, and legal compliance.


Most importantly, our board of directors serves as our prayer partners in ministry. They seek to lead us toward God's design and desire. We are thankful for the support and guidance they provide. 

meet our team

Wes & Kelia Williams, Founders

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Wes and Kelia Williams started Young America Ministries to help at-risk and neglected children living in their own community.     

     They began by raising money to meet the physical needs of children living in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. They quickly saw that the greater spiritual needs of these children must be met to bring about any lasting impact.

     Wes and Kelia celebrated 30 years of marriage and have 4 children - Emma, Zane, Cora, and Tate. 

     They have faithfully served as Ministry Founders on the Board of Directors, guiding this ministry for the last 20 years.

Nathan & Carrie Cravatt, Co-Founders

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Nathan and Carrie Cravatt met Wes and Kelia Williams in the spring of 2005 and started the first branch of Young America in the Hickory Grove community of Ringgold, GA. Nathan grew up in a Christian Boy's Home, where his family worked with at-risk teens; his experience there prepared him to work with teens for the past 25 years.

     Young America Ministries recently expanded our reach to Dade County, Georgia, where Nathan and Carrie serve as our Ministry Directors. 

     They have been married for 27 years and have 4 children: Austin, Alayna, Elise, and Mia. In 2023, God called their family to plant Hope Church in Asheville, NC.

Patrick & Brittany Everett, Ministry Directors

Patrick and Brittany began volunteering with Young America in 2006. Brittany felt God calling her into full-time ministry while she was in high school and made a decision on a summer retreat to accept this calling for her life. She came on staff at Young America in 2007.

     Patrick earned his master's degree in pastoral studies from Covington Theological Seminary, which he has used to serve as our full-time Ministry Director since 2012.

     They have been married for 15 years and have 4 children with another on the way: Isabella, Isaiah, Isley, and Isla. Patrick also serves as Student Pastor at First Baptist Church, Fort Oglethorpe, GA.

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Joshua & Brittany Smith,
Worship Leader & Transportation

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Eric & Shelby Byrd,
Youth Discipleship & Transportation

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Noah & Cora Boersen,
Youth Discipleship & Transportation

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Can you give your time?

The gift of time is one of the most valuable resources people have to give today, mainly because there is so little of it to go around. That's why every volunteer is so important to our ministry. We are looking for individuals with the heart to share Christ with families living in physical and spiritual poverty. We provide training and abundant resources to prepare you for volunteer work. You can use the form below to contact us or check out our events page to see how you can be involved. We would love the opportunity to talk with you about giving your greatest gift - your time.

Thanks! Message sent. We will contact you soon!

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